Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We are committed to provide our user excellent content with user-friendly navigation. We do not encourage in any way to mis use the content we provide.We are an entertainment & Information based site. We value our users alot and thus have few terms & conditions of use that are listed below. Contact us for any additional questions. The points below are just standard terms & conditions and they may change without any notice.

No Abuse

We have zero tolerance to any kind of abuse of our content, user forum, discussions or facebook comment section. We encourage healthy and meaningful discussions but will not tolerate any abuse to any user or owner of any form. Any user found guilty of initiating abuse will not be welcomed to use our services further on.


The news articles we provide are written by our skilled team of writers and we do provide source where information is obtained from a source, if there is any query or confusion feel free to contact our team and we will respond quickly


Our mission is to provide high quality content to our users and in this process sometimes we may make mistakes but our goal at this company is to bring the latest news and information for our valued users. All the news/content provided on this site is for entertainment purposes and if in anyway it lacks accuracy, reliability or is irrelevant we would apologize in advance for it. Our mission is to be the best and give the user the best content possible. We will keep working towards our goal of being the no 1 news based site for Indian audience.


We do not allow or permit any other website to copy or use our content without a written permission from us. So do not copy our content as we are very serious about the content we provide to the users and it should not be copied without our permission.


So if you are using this site, thus we conclude that you agree to above terms & conditions. We welcome you to use our wonderful platform for information and knowledge.

Contact Info

Please contact us for any questions and we do not take any responsibility for any factors that are not in-control of the site’s owner that may affect terms & conditions of other sites.

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