Summer of ’22 brought record heat, solar power to Europe

Summer of ’22 brought record heat, solar power to Europe

Europe smashed preceding temperature records this summer season, with lengthy intervals of sunshine causing sweltering situations and droughts throughout plenty of the continent however also assisting boost a whole lot-wanted sun electricity, in step with records published Thursday.

The European Commission stated common temperatures from June to August were zero.Four ranges Celsius (zero.7 tiers Fahrenheit) higher on the continent this 12 months than the preceding record set in 2021. In August on my own, the preceding monthly file from 2018 became passed with the aid of 0.8 C (1.Four F) this year, it said.

“European temperatures were most above common in the east of the continent in August, but had been nevertheless well above average inside the southwest, in which they were excessive also in June and July,” the commission stated, citing information accrued by means of its Copernicus weather software, which has used satellites to display floor air temperatures for the reason that 1991.Separately, energy think tank Ember said the European Union set a new record for sun electricity this summer time, lowering the want for natural gasoline imports.

The institution said the 27-nation bloc generated 12% of its energy from sun strength from May to August, up from nine% throughout the same duration last 12 months. Solar electricity narrowly topped the share provided from wind or hydropower, even as coming in just under that made out of burning coal.Ember stated that with out the ninety nine.4 terrawatt hours of strength supplied by way of sun, the EU would have had to shop for 20 billion cubic meters of gasoline, costing approximately 29 billion euros (nearly $29 billion) all through the 4-month duration.

The Netherlands and Germany, no longer acknowledged for their sunny climates, had the very best percentage of strength from sun, observed by way of Spain. Poland noticed the most important growth in solar energy technology as compared with 2018, increasing mounted ability 26-fold, the file said.

“The solar statistics set this summer helped keep the lighting fixtures on and reduced the EU’s now crucial fuel intake, providing brief-term remedy to the soaring value of power,” its authors said.

With Europe looking to wean itself off Russian gas because of the struggle in Ukraine, and high fossil gasoline costs predicted to last for years, they advised governments to make sure that solar energy use can increase further, inclusive of by putting off regulatory hurdles.The authors stated this would additionally assist the EU attain its weather aim, announcing sun power — which presents lots less power in the iciness months — might want to boom as much as 9-fold with the aid of 2035 for the bloc to meet the emissions goals set within the 2015 Paris accord.

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