Official: 6 of 43 missing Mexican students given to army

Official: 6 of 43 missing Mexican students given to army

Six of the forty three college students “disappeared” in 2014 were allegedly saved alive in a warehouse for days then became over to the local military commander who ordered them killed, the Mexican authorities reliable leading a Truth Commission stated Friday.

Interior Undersecretary Alejandro Encinas made the stunning revelation directly tying the army to one of Mexico’s worst human rights scandals, and it got here with little fanfare as he made a lengthy protection of the fee’s report released a week in advance.

Last week, no matter asserting the abductions and disappearances a “country crime” and saying that the navy watched it take place with out intervening, Encinas made no point out of six students being became over to Col. José Rodríguez Pérez.

On Friday, Encinas said authorities were closely monitoring the scholars from the radical teachers’ college at Ayotzinapa from the time they left their campus thru their abduction with the aid of nearby police in the city of Iguala that night. A soldier who had infiltrated the school become the various kidnapped students, and Encinas asserted the army did not observe its very own protocols and try to rescue him.“There is likewise information corroborated with emergency 089 phone calls in which allegedly six of the 43 disappeared students have been held at some stage in several days and alive in what they call the old warehouse and from there were turned over to the colonel,” Encinas said. “Allegedly the six students had been alive for as many as 4 days after the activities and were killed and disappeared on orders of the colonel, allegedly the then Col. José Rodríguez Pérez.”

The defense branch did now not right away respond to a request for comment about the allegations Friday.

The position of the navy inside the students’ disappearance has lengthy been a supply of tension among the families and the government. From the start, there were questions about the military’s understanding of what came about and its feasible involvement. The students’ mother and father demanded for years that they be allowed to go looking the army base in Iguala. It turned into not till 2019 that they were given get admission to along side Encinas and the Truth Commission.

The fee document says the military registered an anonymous emergency call on Sept. 30, 2014, four days after the scholars’ abduction. The caller reportedly stated the students have been being held in a big concrete warehouse in a location described as “Pueblo Viejo.” The caller proceeded to explain the region.

That access changed into observed by way of numerous pages of redacted cloth, but that segment of the report concluded with the subsequent: “As may be seen, apparent collusion existed among sellers of the Mexican kingdom with the crook organization Guerreros Unidos that tolerated, allowed and took part in activities of violence and disappearance of the students, in addition to the government’s try to cover the reality approximately the occasions.”

Later, in a precis of the way the fee’s document differed from the authentic investigation’s conclusions, there may be mention of a colonel.“On Sept. 30 ‘the colonel’ mentions that they may cope with cleansing the entirety up and they had already taken price of the six students who had remained alive,” the report stated.

In a witness declaration supplied to federal investigators in December 2014, Capt. José Martínez Crespo, who became stationed at the base in Iguala, said the base commander for the 27th Infantry Battalion at the time changed into Col. José Rodriguez Pérez.

Through a riding rain later Friday, the households of the forty three missing students marched in Mexico City with a pair hundred different people as they have at the twenty sixth of each month for years.

Parents carried posters of their children’s faces and rows of current students from the lecturers’ university marched, shouted calls for justice and counted off to forty three. Their signs proclaimed that the combat for justice endured and asserted: “It become the State.”

Clemente Rodríguez marched for his son Christian Alfonso Rodríguez Telumbre, who become a second pupil identified with the aid of a tiny burned bone fragment.Rodríguez stated the families have been told final week before the document became launched about the coronel and the six students.

“It’s now not by means of omission anymore. It’s that they participated,” he said of the military. “It turned into the state, the 3 ranges of presidency participated.”

He stated the families had now not been instructed that any of the arrest orders announced closing week for participants of defense force have been finished yet.

On Sept. 26, 2014, nearby police took the scholars off buses that they had commandeered in Iguala. The reason for the police action stays unclear eight years later. Their bodies have never been located, even though fragments of burned bone were matched to 3 of the scholars.

Last week, federal marketers arrested former Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam, who oversaw the authentic research. On Wednesday, a judge ordered that he stand trial for forced disappearance, now not reporting torture and official misconduct. Prosecutors allege Murillo Karam created a false narrative about what came about to the students to quick seem to clear up the case.

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