Movie Review: The Nun

Movie Review: The Nun

Set in 1952 and positioned in Romania, this The Conjuring prequel has a Catholic priest Father Burke (Demián Bichir), being assigned by the Vatican to investigate the mysterious suicide of a nun at the CârÈ›a Monastery. A newbie nun, Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga), joins him in his quest, as does a good-looking rake “Frenchie” (Jonas Bloquet), who at the start flirts with Irene and later turns into a quasi-Indiana Jones like parent, spouting one-liners, beginning dungeons and killing demons with equal ease.

The latest trend in Hollywood is to make cinematic universes after which cash-in on their reputation till country come. The Conjuring was Annabelle and now we have this prequel as properly. Marvel or DC can keep adding contributors to their superhero groups, they can even go for whole overhauls and hold attractive the viewers in more moderen approaches whenever. The trouble with replicating the equal components in a horror universe is that you could simplest use a set range of tricks when it comes to scaring people. You kill their strength with over-familiarity. Another traditional rule of horror is that less is more. You installation the environment, keep showing us glimpses of the evil haunting the protagonists after which scare us shitless with a large monitor. But director Corin Hardy genuinely does not enroll in this sane idea. He has put each horror film trope there is within the movie. So you’ve got a floating nun shooting up each ten mins to scare you, there are inverted crosses, creepy crawlies popping out of orifices, undead human beings displaying up, tortured nuns praying feverishly, an exorcist packed with guilt over an exorcism gone wrong, visions guiding humans to safety and due to the fact we’re in Romania, a creature which looks as if a bat out if hell making the briefest of cameos. After some time, you sort of forestall counting.

Another cause The Conjuring worked as it became set inside the real global. You got scared because you noticed atypical things happening to ordinary humans. Here, the pseudo Gothic placing type of puts you off Not that a Gothic setting is a terrible idea. It has its personal charm but has to be milked nicely. Director Hardy, however lacks the patience and makes a hash of it.

Taissa Farmiga would make for a nice Princess Leia in the event that they ever forged her the Star Wars franchise. The large-eyed beauty is the nice factor approximately the movie, showing both vulnerability and power in identical measure but even her heroic efforts are not sufficient to save the movie.

The Nun is sort of a Ramsay Brothers movie with better production values. Even the Ramsays never churned out this degree of drivel in the call of horror. You become bored after the first couple of leap cuts and simply desire for the silliness to stop soon…

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