Kashmiri teacher wins laurels for producing solar car

Kashmiri teacher wins laurels for producing solar car

It has been 13 years of perseverance and battle for Bilal Ahmad, a mathematics teacher in the capital of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), to supply the region’s first sun-electric automobile that operates completely on solar power and also can be charged with electrical energy.

Ahmad, forty, became an overnight sensation in the vicinity after his pictures and movies of the car went viral on social media remaining month.

While speakme with Anadolu Agency at his domestic in Srinagar, Ahmad expressed wonder that his product has acquired one of these high-quality reaction and popularity from the public.

“I in no way imagined that my innovation will generate such fantastic gestures from people,” he said, referring to being referred to as “Elon Musk of Kashmir” when his sun-electric automobile went viral.

In 2009, Ahmad changed into deeply touched with the aid of an editorial wherein he read that in the coming years, petrol charges might increase exponentially, making it difficult for the common character to manage to pay for a automobile.

“Then I decided to expand something that people may want to find the money for,” Ahmad defined.

Years of conflict

When Ahmad completed his civil engineering degree in 2007 from a college within the Indian country of Bengaluru, he was keen to put his skills and understanding to apply.

Two years later, he started operating on his dream task of making a solar automobile that changed into less expensive to most of the people.

He started by reading articles and watching movies on social media to higher recognize how he might carry out his vision and make it a reality.

“I proceeded with cautious making plans and research for this project. I made sure that something I became trying to do was particular and effective,” he explained.

So, he commenced studying and learning approximately vehicles from across the world that got here into life within the 50s. He changed into inspired by way of the work of Delorean, an engineer and innovator from Detroit within the US who owned the car business enterprise DMC.

However, Ahmad had to face quite a few hurdles to complete his dream assignment. The cycles of violence, constrained sources, and economic problems left him disheartened, even though he did now not surrender.

“When I commenced operating on the task, I knew there could be issues bobbing up out of the situation, but I kept going with it,” Ahmad stated.

He spent nearly $18,000 at the challenge and employed at least 10-15 people to finish the undertaking.


Ahmad has received accolades starting from former IIOJK chief minister Omar Abdullah to Indian industrialist and tech titan Anand Mahindra, who, while admiring his vehicle, supplied him help in increasing the sun-electric automobile right into a complete-fledged version.

His car is a four-seat luxury solar car, unlike other solar vehicles, which normally have seats, he says.

The vehicle includes monocrystalline sun panels attached to its surface place at the front, upper, and bottom, which can be exposed to the solar to generate most strength to run the car. Also, the car has the advantage of charging thru electricity if there may be less availability of sun power.

“This automobile is absolutely automated and has gullwing doorways to suit the distance limits,” he defined as he drove it.

Ahmad stated he had some conferences with the team of Anand Mahindra to work on his manufacturing, and that his attention, for now, is to patent it as soon as feasible so that common human beings can buy it.

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